WE1010 Weller Soldering Station 50/60W 120V

Soldering Station; Power Unit, Soldering Pencil, Stand, Sponge

Product Price $199.99

Product Description

WE1010 Weller
Soldering Station 70W 120V


Power Supply 120 V/60 Hz
Power 70 W
Temperature Range: 200 to 850°F (100 to 450°C)
Accuracy: ±9°F (±5°C)
Stability: ±10°F (±6°C)
Display LCD
Channels 1
ESD Safe Yes
Supplied Tip ETA
Dimensions 5.91 x 4.92 x 3.94″ (150 x 125 x 100 mm)
Weight Approximately 3.2 lbs (1.4 kg)


  • Power StationA 70-watt (W) power station that gives you the power you need to consistently produce high-quality results. The power station is 40% more powerful than the WES/WESD station, making it a substantial upgrade. This increased power heats up the iron faster and also provides faster recovery time, which enables you to work more efficiently and precisely.

    Soldering Iron

    This powerful tool is capable of reaching high temperatures but is also lightweight, allowing for increased control over your work. It’s designed in the soldering pencil style and enables highly precise soldering.

    Tool-less Tip Change

    The soldering iron also makes it easy to change tips. You don’t even need any additional tools to do so. You can quickly change out hot tips by turning the plastic knurled nut located on the soldering pencil by hand. This process further increases efficiency and can reduce the time it takes to complete a job.

    Ergonomic Handle

    The soldering iron features an ergonomic handle designed for more comfortable handling, less hand fatigue and increased precision.

    ET Tip Family

    The soldering iron works with ET soldering tips and gives you a wide range of tips to choose from, and the ET tips have a long life.

    Digital LCD Screen

    The power station features an easily readable digital LCD screen that allows you to monitor your preset levels and adjust the operation of your soldering station. The station’s intuitive navigation via this screen makes the setup easy to use.

    Front Power Switch

    The power switch is conveniently located directly on the front of the power station unit, making it easy to quickly start it up and shut it down as needed.

    Temperature Stability and Lock

    It has excellent temperature stability. The temperature lock feature works to stabilize heat levels and prevent them from wavering. It keeps temperatures at plus or minus 10°F or 6°C of the intended temperature. This enhanced soldering temperature control helps you to create consistent, high-quality solder joints. Having more stable temperatures also helps to protect your components and tips so that they last longer. This temperature assurance enables reliable, repeatable solder results.

    Standby Mode and Auto Setback

    Includes a standby mode and auto setback feature that helps protect your equipment. When not in use, the it can automatically turn down to a given temperature. This feature saves energy and increases the lifetime of your tips. You can also adjust the time it takes for the device to go into standby mode – from one to 99 minutes.

    Password Protection

    You have the option of using a password to protect all of your settings. This capability helps you ensure that your settings stay the way you want them and helps you to produce consistent, quality results.

    Menu Control Buttons

    It is easy to use, thanks in part to its intuitive menu control buttons. The unit features three push buttons. By pressing the menu button, you can scroll through the unit’s features and then use the up and down arrows to select your settings. You can use these controls to change the temperature of the adjustable soldering time, choose the time it takes to enter standby mode, lock or unlock the device and more.

    Reinforced Safety Rest

    Features a reinforced safety rest for securely storing the iron when it’s not in use. The safety rest provides extra stability and improves worksite safety by securing the iron in place.

    Heat-Resistant Silicon Cable

    Comes with a heat-resistant silicon cable that connects the soldering iron to the power station. This cable meets the highest industry standards for mechanical strength and ability to handle overload and stress.

    Safety Certifications

    The station, iron and cable are all electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe. The station and iron have passed UL and CE inspections and received a Certificate of Compliance for electrical safety.