Digital Receiver/DVR (PAL)

Digital Receiver/DVR

Product Description

With this unit you can view and record local over-the-air
digital broadcasts. With the DVR you can pause, fast forward
and rewind your programs, you can even use the slow
motion feature to watch clips frame by frame. The DVR
offers an electronic program guide which allows you to
pre-set recording schedules. There are NO monthly
subscription fees. This unit includes an infrared remote
control which operates the CM-7000PAL DVR and up to three
other components.  (Online Warranty Registration)
• Outputs 1080I resolution
• Record up to 130 hours of SD or up to 30 hours of HD.
• Scans over-the-air channels
• Closed caption support and parental locks
• One year manufactures warranty
• ATSC antenna input for over-the-air digital broadcasts
(Dual Tuner)
• HDMI output
• Component HD and analog video outputs
• Optical digital output for Dolby & PCM digital audio
• RCA-type audio/video outputs
• Ethernet port • USB 2.0 port