BlueDiamond Defend Space Saver + Charger + 3 Outlets

BlueDiamond Defend Space Saver + Charger + 3 Outlets

Product Description

Maximizes your outlet space by providing quick-charging USB ports for 4 mobile devices and keeping 3 outlets available for use with other electronics.


–  Four Ultra Quick Charge USB Ports- 3.4 Amps of power to quickly charge your mobile devices through a USB connection

–  Three Surge Protected Outlets- Surge protected outlets with full power supplied to all

–  Built-In Smartphone Stand & Cradle- Integrated Smartphone or Tablet stand to and an integrated cradle to keep your mobile devices off the counter or floor

–  540 Joule Energy Rating- Provides superior power protection for all of your electronic devices against dangerous surges

–  Wall-Mounted- Surge Protector mounts directly to the wall, saving space on floors and counters

–  Surge Protection Indicator- The light lets you know your equipment is secure and protected