4901-454G Lead Free Solder Sn99

Lead Free Solder Sn99

Product Description

Lead Free Solder Sn99


Alloy : SAC305
Brand/Series : 4901 Series
Core : Flux Core 2.20%
Diameter : 0.032 in.
Diameter, Outer : 0.032″
Shelf Life : no shelf life
Weight : 1 lb.


The 4901 Sn99 No Clean Solder Wire is an electronic grade solder wire. It uses a high-purity, eutectic Sn99.3/Cu0.7 alloy, which is complemented with a no clean, synthetically refined, splatter-proof resin flux core. The 4901 solder meets J-STD-004B, ASTM B 32, and exceeds J-STD-006C specifications.
This solder is a great lead-free alternative to leaded solders. It is suitable, less costly replacement for SAC305.