4880-18G Sn63 / Pb37 Leaded Solder

Sn63 / Pb37 Leaded Solder

Product Description

Sn63 / Pb37 Leaded Solder


Alloy : Sn63Pb37
Core : Flux Core 2.20%
Diameter : 0.032 in.
Diameter, Outer : 0.032″
Shelf Life : no shelf life
Weight : 17.010 g


Leaded Solder Wire, Series 4880 and 4890, Sn60 / Pb40, is flux-cored solder wire with rapid wetting and fast flowing properties that result in consistent and reliable soldering every time. Cleaning becomes optional with the Rosin Activated flux core because of its non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive properties. The 4880 and 4890 series meet J-STD-004 / J-STD-006 with a melting point of 183ºC / 361ºF.